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Kenilworth Township and District

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Kenilworth is a rural community nestled in the picturesque Mary Valley , with a town population of approximately 300 residents and a district population of approximately 1,500.  The local privately owned cheese factory, widely recognized art gallery, historical museum, park containing excellent family and in particular children’s playground, camping and boating facilities, and other historical attractions, draw numerous visitors on a continuing basis. 

Due to its proximity to the Sunshine Coast , Brisbane, and other larger rural towns, it is a popular area to visit.  It is steeped in history, and every shop in the main street has a ‘past’ to relate.  



Kenilworth Hall, Show and Recreation Ground Association Inc. was formed in the early 1920’s following a meeting by local residents, and in 1924 the Hall and Community Centre was built by locals with money raised by the community.  It continues to serve as a busy community centre where once Saturday pictures were shown, dances and balls held, and roller-skating was once fashionable.

Hall 1940's  

Originally erected on the site where the Police Station now stands, it was removed to its present site, with additions added, in 1932. Over the years its focal point for community activities has grown, and it is the parent body for both the Hall and Community Centre as well as the local Show and Rodeo which is run on an annual basis.    Additional Historical Information


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